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We have over 20 years of experience in the plumbing trade servicing homes across the St. Louis metro east area.  

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Jane Lawson
Jane Lawson
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the price is reasonable, and they don't charge more than they need to.
Karen Allen
Karen Allen
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they are one of the few people that answer their phones when I call.
Frederick Lewis
Frederick Lewis
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I recommend them. Affordable prices and fast response time.
Christopher Gilstrap
Christopher Gilstrap
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they know how to fix busted water pipes. they answered my call quickly.
dorina raba
dorina raba
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no complaints here. They are good plumbers
Dorothy Singleton
Dorothy Singleton
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I had water in the basement. turned out it was a clogged drain. they came out and cleared it.
About Us

We Are A Group Of plumbers

Focused Plumbing is here to help you with all your plumbing problems. We offer a variety of services, including toilet repair, toilet replacement, garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal replacement, leaky faucets and leaky pipes, as well as basic drain cleaning. Our plumber Edwardsville IL can help with small or large projects!  We can help with larger projects like replacing drains and replacing pipes throughout your house. Bathroom remodels can cost a lot depending on the materials used. To determine the cost of your bathroom remodel, we recommend that you do a basic cost analysis by visiting your local home remodeling shop to get a price quote. You should also consider the cost of bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs, vanities and tile. Since the pandemic, material prices have risen significantly. We need to inform our customers that many jobs performed by our plumber will be more costly than they were one year ago. If you’re looking for new toilets in the home, our plumber will help you set them up and dispose of any old ones. Sometimes a simple replacement of a toilet can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks. Although basic plumbing work does not usually require permits, we can help you with the logistics if necessary!

     Maybe you need some basic plumbing work, for example, maybe you need a garbage disposal or water heater fixed/replaced.  Our plumber Edwardsville IL can assist you with these jobs.  If there is a plumbing job that requires a licensed plumber, we happen to be licensed in the business to help out on the big jobs.

Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens is something we love to do.  Focused Plumbing is able to complete the installation of your bathroom or kitchen and we are licensed plumbers Edwardsville IL. Certain connections require the use of a licensed plumber in certain cities. We will need to identify your inspectors before we begin! You may have had an Edwardsville IL licensed plumber come to your home and provide a quote for plumbing work. We will install the plumbing for the sink in a kitchen remodel. We are able to do this work quickly and it is very simple.


Code Requirements

 Most municipalities require licensed plumbers to do any plumbing work in residential or commercial locations to make sure that they are not doing anything that could potentially be a problem down the road.


Licensed and insured

Be sure that the people working on your home are licensed and insured.  Make sure they can provide the proper licenses and can provide proof of insurance.


Paper Trail

Plumbing services are crucial to maintaining a dwelling, and if you were to sell your home, you need proof that licensed contractors did the work.

Bathroom remodels that required us to jackhammer concrete floors in order to install a shower were not uncommon. This was because the previous owner had only wanted it plumbed for a sink and toilet. We can give you a quote depending on the complexity of your job and get it done in a timely fashion. We can also help with burst pipes and leaky pipes by being handyman plumbers Edwardsville IL. If pipes have become weaker over time, they can burst. These leaks and breaks can be fixed by our experts so you won’t have to worry again. Clogged drains are a common problem that we see with many of our customers. You may have tried drain cleaning chemicals to clean your drains. I find these products to be a complete waste of money.  We can come in and use what we refer to as a “drain snake” to clear the line.

Edwardsville Plumbing Professionals

People use drain chemicals to speed up the draining of their sinks. This is absurd. In this case, it is a good idea to take out the trap and clean it every year. Edwardsville plumbing and handymen are available to help with any plumbing problems in your home. One time, I saw an old house with poor water flow. Due to the corrosion and rust that has occurred over time, it is crucial to replace old black pipes in water lines. This pipe must be replaced with copper, PVC, or pex tubing to increase water flow throughout your home.

Certain codes in the St. Louis Metro East require water lines to be installed to a specific county code. This is to ensure that no corners are cut and that we avoid poor workmanship. A lot of Edwardsville plumbing experts will install water lines using a specific material depending on the client’s preference. To avoid water flow problems, our Focused Plumbing team will match any product or system currently installed. A half inch of copper tubing has a diameter that is slightly larger than a half-inch of pex tubing. Copper tubing may not be as flexible, but will allow for a higher water flow. There are pros and cons to choosing between copper and pex, but it all comes down to personal preference. Many new homes are now using pex to reduce their copper costs due to the increasing cost of copper.  There are some cases where PVC pipe is best suited for the job.

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Be sure to give us a call today to have us come out and provide you with a free quote!

We are available to provide services not only in St. Louis but also on the Illinois side. We are a licensed and insured Edwardsville IL plumber as well as licensed and insured plumbers in St. Louis. We are available in Edwardsville IL frequently and can respond quickly to your inquiries for any kind of emergency services that you need. We are able to provide a quick estimate for all your plumbing needs. Many plumbing services are available to Edwardsville residents, including but not limited:

These are just some examples of the work we do every day for our customers. To ensure our customers have the best experience, we are licensed and certified to provide plumbing services. Our Edwardsville IL plumber responds quickly to all service requests and can give you a free estimate to complete the work on your property. To assist our clients in their projects, we often work with other contractors who might not be licensed plumbers. Sometimes we hire subcontractors to help us with large jobs like bath and kitchen remodeling in Edwardsville IL. Although we have the necessary licenses and insurance to perform all types of construction jobs, it’s useful to hire other subcontractors to help us complete large jobs in a timely manner.  You don’t want to be without your kitchen or bathroom for too long, would you?  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.  If you live in the Belleville IL area, be sure to call Focused Plumbing!  We have plumbers Belleville IL available if you have any issues.

Do you need a plumber in Edwardsville IL company to help you with your current plumbing project? We respond quickly to any call and can be at your home soon to give you a free quote. Do you need a new tub or shower installed in your bathroom? To help you make a decision on your bathroom remodel, we can visit you and provide a free quote. Our focus is on helping customers find the best practical and economical solution for their needs. Do not settle for a company that handles too much work. We will send someone to your location as soon as possible. Many people who need a plumber in Edwardsville IL company will be looking for it now. Most situations need immediate attention, so we don’t want our customers to wait.

Edwardsville IL has strict code requirements regarding plumbing work in the city. The city has certified and licensed our plumber to provide plumbing services to you and your house. Edwardsville doesn’t just allow anyone to enter and do plumbing work for residents. You must first get approval from the city before you can work on any plumbing projects completed. Although these restrictions might seem harsh, you don’t want any random person who claims to be a plumber to enter your home and potentially cause major damage that could mean an even larger project down the road.

We will help you quickly figure out the next steps, whether you’re working on a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!  If you live in the Belleville area, and you are needing someone to come and mow your lawn, be sure to check out our lawn care Belleville IL team.  Focus Lawns can help you with your lawncare needs!

Water heater Edwardsville IL repair and replacement is one of our most common calls. Customers are often anxious about water heaters leaking water. Here are some things to do if you notice water leaking from the water heater.

  1. Locate the shut-off valves located just above the water heater. Turn them off so the water stops flowing. To check that you have shut off enough water to and from the heater, turn on the hot water knob at a nearby tap. The water should flow briefly and then slowly to a trickle.
  2. Once the water heater has been turned off, give us a shout so we can assess the situation.

Water heater Edwardsville IL repairs can often turn into a replacement project. While we do our best to fix any faulty parts of a water heater, if the tank is leaking, we cannot repair it. If the water heater is old and in dire need of repair, we recommend that homeowners consider a tankless heater. Although they are more costly than traditional water heaters, you will still have hot water on demand for as long as it is needed. Traditional water heaters will eventually run cold and will need to be heated. A tankless water heater will last longer than traditional heaters.

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