Edwardsville IL Sewer and Drain Cleanout

If you are looking for an Edwardsville IL sewer and drain cleanout expert, look no further.  Are you experiencing trouble with your sewer line backing up?  If you run the water or flush the toilet do you have water backed up into the basement or another location in your house?  You could have an issue with a clogged sewer line.  Give us a call so we can come out and help snake the line and remove the clogged pipe.

An important thing to keep in mind is to identify where your sewer cleanout is.  Many old houses do not have a sewer cleanout and Edwardsville IL sewer lines eventually need to be cleaned out if the occupants of the house are flushing things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed.  We can help install a sewer cleanout so that if you have issues in the future, the pipe can be easily accessible for snaking and removing the clogged debris.  We have had to go out and spend hours trying to snake a line by accessing the sewer line via the toilet.  We do this by removing the toilet and snaking the line from this location so that we can remove the debris.  It isn’t hard to remove a toilet and put it back once the line is clear, but it does take time, and that can add up.  Call Focused Plumbing if you need to have your drain line cleared by our plumber!

If you live in the Belleville area, you may have an older home that needs the sewer line cleaned out.  We also provide Belleville IL sewer and drain cleanout services.  Belleville IL is home to some very old homes.  Some of these homes have the original sewer lines and black pipe water lines.  The black pipe water lines should be replaced due to the amount of corrosion and rust build up in the pipes over the years.  This rust buildup will actually reduce the water flow throughout your house.

Many of the drain lines throughout an old house will be cast iron.  This type of drain line is not necessarily bad, but over time this type of pipe can rust and corrode so it will need to be replaced in some areas.  Belleville IL sewer lines need to be regularly checked to make sure that they are not broken and leaking.  Many plumbing experts will utilize a cable snake with a camera on it so that they can check and see what the condition of the pipe is showing.  We can provide this service to help determine if your sewer line is in good condition.  If it needs work done, it is better to know sooner rather than later.  We have seen issues where sinkholes were created in the yard due to a broken sewer line that had water leaking for a long time.  If you notice any sinkholes in your yard, be sure to give us a call so we can come out and put a camera down your sewer line to find the problem.

A good sewer service Belleville IL company will help you determine what the extent of the damage is to your sewer line if you have an issue with it.  How can you tell if you are having an issue with your sewer line?  Like I said above, sometimes these problems show up by giving us signs.  A large hole in your yard is one obvious indicator that you may have a problem with a sewer line leak.  What likely needs to be done is the plumber you hire needs to run a camera down the sewer line so that they can determine where the break exists.  If the break is in an easily accessible area, we can dig up the sewer line and replace the section of the pipe that is broken.

Our sewer service Belleville IL experts will try and keep the cost down as much as possible so that you won’t have a large bill.  In some cases the broken pipe may be under a sidewalk or a concrete pad.  In this particular instance, the concrete will need to be removed and the ground will need to be dug up to get access to the pipe.  These replacements can get more expensive as well, and once the pipe has been repaired, it will take time for the fill dirt to settle well enough to pour concrete over the patch that we removed.  Give us a call today if you have issues with your sewer line!