Plumber O’Fallon IL Specialist

Our plumber O’Fallon IL specialist will come to your house and give you a fair price for your project. If we have to visit your home to solve a problem that is not covered by our emergency services, there will be an additional charge. Our page on emergency plumbing has more information. The cost of the work is not affected by this fee. We will charge additional fees for emergency services if you have a blocked bathroom that is not apparent during business hours. Because we don’t know how severe the problem is, we charge an hourly rate to fix it. This is how most plumber O’Fallon IL professionals operate. Once repairs are completed, this information will help you understand your bill.

It’s amazing how often we get asked to explain our sewer drain cleaning charges. Many people flush things down the toilet such as diapers and sanitary napkins. We get many calls asking us to remove these items from the drain line. These are only two examples of what we find in our drains. While we can snake the drain and clear it, it is possible to cause further damage to the sewer line if these things continue to be flushed down the toilet. Your sewer line may need to be replaced if it continues to not drain right.  This is an expensive option that could prevent your home from having the drains backup continually. We can help you decide the next steps.  Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Many people use drain chemicals to speed up the drainage of their sinks. This is, in my opinion, absurd. It is better to clean the trap every year than to have it removed by harsh chemicals. Many plumbing problems can be fixed by our plumbing O’Fallon IL professionals. I was once amazed by the poor water flow in an older house I was working on. Black pipes can be rusty and must be replaced with newer pipes. This will increase water flow and reduce the amount of rust in the water. This pipe should be replaced with copper, PVC or PEX tubing to increase water flow. Certain codes in St. Louis Metro East require that water lines be installed only under their supervision. This could result in the need to obtain a permit from either the city or county. This permits you to avoid poor workmanship and prevent corners being missed. 

Many plumbing O’Fallon IL professionals use a specific material to install water lines, depending on the preference of their clients. To avoid any water flow problems, our Focused Plumbing team can match any product or system. A half inch of PEX tubing will work better than half an inch of copper tubing. Copper tubing has a greater flexibility but is more flexible. There are pros and cons to choosing between copper, PVC and PEX. Your personal preference is the most important. Many new homes use PVC and PEX to reduce their construction costs due to the rising cost of copper. It is up to you to make the decision. We will work with what works best for your code compliance!

Many people are puzzled as to why it is so difficult to find a good plumber O Fallon IL. That is likely due to the small number of people who enter this trade each year, they are highly sought after and they can be very expensive. You will find that many of the best plumbers you can find are booked for months or even years on large projects. We have a large staff that is able to tackle large projects quickly. We can assist you with any size project, including a large bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel.  Give us a call to set up an appointment to have us come out and provide you with an estimate.

Perhaps you just need to replace a few toilets. We can send our plumber O Fallon IL to give you a quote for replacing your toilets at a fair price! Are you frustrated by a slow flushing toilet? Although toilets can last a long time, the trap in the toilet will eventually erode and collect sediment over time. This ultimately decreases the flow of water and will cause clogs more often. Older toilets are less efficient at flushing due to the older designs. Modern toilets flush in seconds and use less water. When manufacturing toilets, water conservation is an important thing to consider.  If you have specific brands of toilets that you would like for us to install let us know ahead of time so we can price them out for you.  Call us to arrange a visit and to provide a quote for replacing your toilets.

Our plumbers O Fallon IL can handle large projects like bathtub replacement or installation. Many of us have older bathrooms with an outdated tub, myself included! To make bathing more enjoyable for you and your family, many bathtubs with higher prices now come with heaters and jets to improve the overall experience. We can provide a quote if you’re looking to replace your bathtub with one of these nicer models. We can help you choose the right bathtub for you and your space that you are working with. Some customers have grand ideas that a really nice tub will fit in their bathroom, when there clearly is not enough space for it.  If you’re unsure of what kind of tub you want or if your choice will fit, our plumbers O Fallon IL will be happy to help you choose by showing you a list of options that will fit in your space.

There are many limitations that will limit the options you have. If you want to install a bathtub in an area that has a standing shower, this is a problem. If your bathroom is small, this could pose a problem. It is possible to remodel a shower if you have a large bathroom. If you don’t have enough walls to accommodate the tub, it may be possible to move them. This can increase the cost of the tub replacement.  Contact Focused Plumbing for a great experience. We take pride in our affordable prices, so give us a call to set up an appointment and get the best price!

We are the plumbing O Fallon IL experts. We will give you a quote on items we are confident we can fix at a set price. We will charge by the hour if we are unable to diagnose the problem in a reasonable amount of time. If the pipe is accessible, things like a burst pipe may be visible. If the pipe is not accessible at the moment, we will give you an estimate of how much it will cost us to make it visible so that we can determine the best type of repair. It may sound complicated and confusing, but we cannot fix something we can’t locate or identify.

Our plumbing O Fallon IL local experts have over 20 years experience and strive to build a healthy relationship with customers. We can work with insurance companies to repair any damage caused by plumbing problems. Once the plumbing has been fixed, we have a team that can repair your home. We can offer a quote to your insurance company, or directly to you for this type of work. This will allow us to repair the plumbing and all the damage. We can help with all your plumbing problems. Please call us to set up an appointment.