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We love to remodel bathrooms and kitchens. Focused Plumbing is able to complete both the kitchen and bathroom installation. Certain connections require the use of a licensed plumber in certain cities. We will need to identify your inspectors before we begin! You may have had licensed plumbers Belleville IL visit you and provide you with a quote for your plumbing work. We will install the plumbing for the sink in a kitchen remodel. We are able to do this work quickly and it is very simple. Bathroom remodels that required us to jackhammer concrete floors in order to install a shower were not uncommon. This was because the previous owner had only wanted it plumbed for a sink and toilet.

We can give you a quote depending on the complexity of the project and get it done in a timely fashion so that you are not without a bathroom for very long. Our plumbers Belleville IL are able to diagnose and repair leaky pipes as well as burst pipes. If pipes have become weaker over time, they can burst. These leaks and breaks can be fixed by our experts so you won’t have to worry again. Clogged drains are a common problem that we see with many of our customers. You may have tried drain cleaning chemicals to clean your drains. I find these products to be a complete waste of money.  Be sure to give us a call to schedule a time for one of our technicians to come out and get an estimate of what kind of work will need to be done!  Our estimates are 100% free unless we are doing emergency services, which require a fee.

People use drain chemicals to speed up the draining of their sinks. This is absurd. In this case, it is a good idea to take out the trap and clean it every year. Many plumbing problems can be fixed by our Belleville IL plumbers and construction professionals. One time I saw an old house with poor water flow. Due to the corrosion and rust that has occurred over time in the black pipe, it is crucial to replace old black water pipes to improve water flow and reduce the amount of rust that is in the water. This pipe must be replaced with copper, PVC or PEX tubing to increase water flow throughout your home. 

Certain code restrictions in the St. Louis Metro East area require water lines to be installed per their supervision, and this could mean pulling a permit with the city or county. This is to ensure that no corners are cut and avoid poor workmanship. Many Belleville IL plumbers use a specific material to install water lines depending on what they prefer. To avoid water flow problems, our All in One Focused Plumbing team prefers to match any product or system currently installed. A half inch PEX tubing has a slightly smaller inside diameter than half an inch of copper tubing. Copper tubing may be less flexible, but will allow for a higher water flow. There are pros and cons to choosing between copper, PVC and PEX. It all comes down to personal preference. Many new homes are now using PVC and PEX to reduce their costs due to the increasing price of copper.

Belleville Plumbers Can Get The Job Done

What makes Belleville plumbers unique compared to other cities in the St. Louis Metro East Area?  The quick answer is that they have to go through proper approval through the city of Belleville in order to work on any plumbing issues for the city’s residents.  The city of Belleville has code requirements that they are looking to maintain throughout the city.  There are over forty thousand people that live in Belleville making it one of the largest cities in the metro east.  Many of the houses that are in Belleville can date back to the early 1900’s and some are even as old as the civil war.  Belleville IL is an old town to say the least, and the infrastructure is slowly catching up.  Belleville plumbers are expected to bring all of the plumbing in these old houses up to code so that the inhabitants are safe and can enjoy clean water.


Let’s say that you have purchased an old house in Belleville and you are looking to get an occupancy permit.  Well there is a good chance that the city inspector is going to take a look at the plumbing in the house to make sure that everything is up to code for your safety.  If they find anything that looks out of the ordinary, they may bring in a plumbing expert to identify if there could be a problem.  If they end up finding issues, they will require you as the homeowner to have a licensed plumber come in and make the repairs before they will issue you the occupancy permit.

Be sure to give our plumber Belleville IL a call so that we can come out and give you an estimate on the items that your city inspector has identified.  Many times, these inspections are done by the city when a house is under contract to be purchased.  You may be the buyer and having an inspection done is a good idea to make sure that you are not buying into a big disaster waiting to happen.  Often we will come out and make repairs to plumbing issues at the request of a seller who is looking to get ahead of the game before the city even inspects it.  We can come out and give you an inspection to see if anything needs to be brought up to code.  We also have a team of home inspection experts that can come out and do a more thorough inspection of not just plumbing but electrical as well.  Our plumber Belleville IL is ready to help get your house in order.  As a seller you may be expected to have the city come out and inspect it for occupancy.  It is a good idea to get this done as soon as possible so that in case there are things that need to be fixed, you will have time to get the right people for the job.  Not only can we help with plumbing issues, but we can repair a great number of various issues that will come up on a occupancy inspection.  Give us a call to set up an appointment:

Whether you have an old house or a new house plumbers in Belleville IL can come out and give you a reasonable bid on your project.  If you happen to need emergency after hours service, we generally charge a fee to come out and look at the issue.  This fee is not a part of the actual bid for the work that needs to be repaired.  So if for example you have a clogged toilet after hours, we will come out and charge an emergency service fee on top of the fee to fix the clog.  In this sort of situation, we charge by the hour to fix the issue since we are not completely sure about the extent of the damage.  Most plumbers in Belleville IL operate in this manner.  Understanding this information ahead of time will help to reduce confusion when you receive your bill after the repairs have been made.  If you are located in the O’Fallon IL area, be sure to call Focused Plumbing.  Your local plumber O’Fallon IL!

I can’t tell you how many times we have to explain how we charge when it comes to sewer drain cleanouts.  Many issues can occur with people flushing items like sanitary napkins or diapers down a toilet and these are just two examples of the strange things that people flush down their toilets.  Knowing this now, it is good to understand that we can do our best to snake a drain to clear it, but if worse comes to worse, the sewer pipe might have to be replaced which could be an expensive job.  Give us a call so we can help you figure out what steps to take next.