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Focused Plumbing is the ideal option for a plumber in Edwardsville and Alton, Fairview Heights, or Belleville IL. We offer a variety of services that will meet your plumbing requirements.

From minor inconveniences to massive disruptions, plumbing issues can be extremely disruptive. Contact us today to set up your service appointment!

Professionals who truly excel

Focused Plumbing prides itself on offering quick, friendly and honest service to all of our customers.

You will receive a confirmation once you have scheduled a service call. The profile of your service technician is delivered to you prior to when they show up. Status notifications are sent out when they are in the process of arriving.

The technicians at Service will treat your home with respect and will leave it clean after each task is completed.

We offer upfront pricing to ensure there aren’t any surprises when it’s time to pay.

We know that time is valuable and that communication is essential to ease the strain of plumbing.

Peace-of-Mind Guarantee!

We are confident about our work and the competence of our employees. Focused Plumbing offers a money refund if you’re not satisfied with the service provided.

Our simple, stress-free process can give you confidence.

Fast, friendly and professional service

Focused Plumbing uses the most modern technology to identify and resolve plumbing issues faster. Since 1995, we’ve solved plumbing issues for Metro East residents and businesses.

We are hard-working and we are always smiling.

You can depend on your plumbers

The first thing to do when you discover an issue with your plumbing is to panic. The next step is to identify the issue and decide if there are any other options. The problem can become a failure after you’ve tried DIY to solve the issue. What do you do? Seek help from a professional.

Focused Plumbing Focused Plumbing know that plumbing repairs can be stressful and can come in a bad way. There are plenty of options to get high-quality, professional service. Focused Plumbing will do a excellent job, provide reasonable prices and provide excellent service to customers. Focused Plumbing has been operating for more than 20 years and continues to offer outstanding service to our clients who are satisfied with the work we do. You’ve come to the right location if you’re in search of an experienced plumber in your area to assist you with plumbing issues.

Our highly skilled technicians are able to tackle any task, no matter the size or how small such as the blockage of a drain or a leaky faucet. Edwardsville’s top residential and commercial plumbers. After working with us, you’ll notice the difference. We don’t only care about the plumbing repair We care about your health and the well-being of your company.

Leaks can be a cause for concern.

Did your water bill sky-rocket unexpectedly? Are you hearing the sounds of water running? Are you seeing water build up on your flooring?

A leak in the plumbing is most likely. It could be caused by copper or galvanized piping that is defective or has damaged or missing parts of faucets, or any other problems. We can spot leaks and act quickly to limit any damage.

Water damage can be severe to your house, particularly when it’s not noticed or has been building up for a long time. The water can lead to mold growth as well as warping damage. They are expensive repairs that could be extremely costly, so it is essential to avoid these issues and be aware of them early.

Leak detection services can identify even the tiniest leaks within your home. To ensure that leak detection is precise our technicians employ the latest technology. To limit the harm to your home, water leaks need to be repaired promptly. To make an appointment contact us now.

Re-piping Helps Prevent Flooding Emergencies

Focused Plumbing offers re-piping services for older homes that have deteriorated plumbing. We start by examining the condition of your pipes prior to determining if we begin the re-piping task. Before proceeding to the next step, we first evaluate the pipes in order to decide if there’s an option to fix it. If replacing the pipes is the most appropriate option then we’ll begin by digging up the pipes that connect your house to the main water line.


Repairs will be required for any water damage that is caused by leaks or pipes breaking. Your family’s health and safety may also be in danger due to the humidity within your home. Pipes that are not functioning properly can cause headaches, but it shouldn’t need to. Schedule your appointment to have service now!